"If you have been charged a 'service fee' by your provider just for walking in your door--call these guys--- you get real value for your money.  They don't charge you a 'fee' just for being their customer!"

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         I just wanted to let you know how happy I am to become a customer of Dust-Tex AGAIN!
After going through the misery with _ _ _ _ _ _ _, I thought I would let you know how much better your service is. 
They enjoyed playing the pricing game, initally they beat your price, but I would much rather pay more, and not have to worry about our rug service.   They left wet rugs which opened our bank to a potential lawsuit. This would not be tolerated.  I had to pick up our rugs and go without for that day until the rugs were dry.

                                                                                                   ---Josh H. State Bank of Alcester

I could not be more pleased with your service. Every employee that I have talked with has always been pleasant and helpful.   We saved 50% over our previous supplier!
                                                                                ---Tom    Agri-Steel Equipment

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